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One monthly payment, everything you need.

What's Included

  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Daily Health Checks
  • Software Updates
  • Remote Access
  • AntiVirus
  • Backups

No contract, Pay as you go

Service Details

it supportInternet Content Filtering
Block malware before it reaches your PC
Prevent accidental exposure to websites
Keep employees in line by blocking other desired sites
content and writingSoftware Updates
Keep OS and other apps up to date
Plugs the holes found over time in software
Prevents many viruses from taking hold
graphic and website design AntiVirus-AntiMalware
Catch the viruses that do get to your PC
We proactively remove and delete bugs that get through
social mediaBackups
Ensure backups happen automatically each day
We resolve any issues with backups for you
Backup files even if they are open on your desktop
Store data offsite so it can be retrieved even if the PC will not turn on
newsletter and email marketingDaily Health Checks
We monitor your PC 24/7 and alert you if we find an issue
Allows us to proactively identify many issues before they cause disaster
Receive Weekly health check reports to know if issues were found with your PC's
price hostRemote Access
Access your work PC from anywhere
Get work done when you are out of the office
price localRemote IT Support
Get the IT help you need, when you need it
Forget having to lug your PC into the repair shop for every little error or problem


Are there any setup charges?

No. We get you setup and ready to go for our services free of charge.
We will even inventory and document your computers and network settings, a $200 value.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do things differently at Small Office Essentials. We believe we have to earn your business each and every month, so there’s no contract – only 100% commitment from us. You can cancel at any time.

How fast will you respond to my problem?

For clients with a Prepay Ticket we offer a 1 hour response time.  Meaning we'll start working your issue within 1 hour of calling in (however this does not guarantee a resolution within 1 hour).  For clients without a Prepay Ticket, our standard 3 hour response time applies.  Typically though, unless we are super busy at the time you call, we can start looking into your support problem almost immediately.

Do I have to pay monthly or can I just call you as needed?

Small Office Essentials is available only as a monthly service plan.
We have found that by maintaining a monthly arrangement we are more able to provide fast and responsive IT support, as well as take a proactive stance toward enabling you and your business to get on with what it does best, rather than worrying about computer issues throughout the day.

Do you accept Credit Cards, Checks, or Cash?

Currently we only accept Credit Cards which are billed for monthly charges at the start of each month.  We have found this to be the easiest method for all those involved.

What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is where we are able to connect to your computer and see what you see.  We are able to work on your PC as if we were right there with you.  This allows us to be quicker and more efficient is solving your IT and computer issues.

What happens when my 5 hour Prepay Ticket runs out?

When a Prepay Ticket runs out of hours, we send an email notification and automatically bill your credit card for another Prepay Ticket in the amount of the previously purchased Prepay Ticket.

How much backup storage do you provide?

5GB of backup storage is provided with the base Small Office Essentials package and additional storage is available at an additional cost if needed.